Laundry Sustainability Project

The first A.I.S.E. Laundry Sustainability project was launched in 2006. This voluntary project is a direct follow-up to the A.I.S.E Code of Good Environmental Practice and its associated Washright campaign, and focuses mainly on the countries of Central & Eastern Europe. Participating laundry detergent manufacturers agree to only market laundry powders that have been compacted by at least 33% of their weight versus the initial standard powders. The objective of the projects is to continue to deliver significant sustainability benefits by educating consumers to dose correctly when using ‘compact’ laundry detergents.

Further projects of this nature are expected to be developed by A.I.S.E. members.

See also, the following 3 laundry annexes and tips:
1) Key laundry tips
2) Step-by-step guide for doing the laundry
3) Understanding textile care symbols

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