Air Fresheners Product Stewardship Programme

The Air Fresheners Product Stewardship Programme is a new ini¬tiative of A.I.S.E., launched in October 2007. It aims to promote best practice in the industry, through responsible manufacturing, communication and use of Air Fresheners across Europe, allowing consumers to make the best-informed choices about safe product usage.

Companies commit to abide by the following set of rules:
> Product development/ product safety
Evaluation of product’s ingredients, according to recognised tech¬nical standards, e.g. WHO, IFRA/EFFA for fragrances, CEN, etc.

> Product Information
Provision of clearly visible and key safety messages on the label cou¬pled with complementary information on ingredient composition via the internet

> Product Form
Best practice guidance on product form to be followed (e.g. no toy-shape products)

> Product Communication & Advertising
Best practice guidance to be followed (e.g. publicity of the product involving pregnant women, babies or young children activating the product will not be used; substantiation of claims)

To obtain a comprehensive copy of the A.I.S.E. Air Fresheners Product Stewardship Programme, or for any further information, please contact A.I.S.E. or its National Associations at:

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