Sustainable Consumption

A.I.S.E. and Cefic have created a number of voluntary initiatives designed to encourage “sustainable consumption”. These seek to promote the best use of products and services by end users (consumers and professional customers) in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

These initiatives are especially important because consumption represents the vast majority of a product’s environmental ‘footprint’ and is therefore the area in which improvements will have the most significant positive impact.

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A unique pan-European harmonised TV advertising, PR and on-pack campaign to encourage consumers to wash their laundry sustainably.
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Save Energy and Water
Building on Washright but focusing this time on automatic dishwashing detergents.
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Safe Use Icons
These sets of icons were developed to provide advice to consumers, in a simple and direct manner, on how to use detergents safely. They are displayed on product packaging throughout Europe.
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Charter for Sustainable Cleaning
The A.I.S.E. Charter for Sustainable Cleaning is a major initiative by A.I.S.E. to promote sustainability among companies making detergents and other household and professional cleaning products.
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Laundry Sustainability Projects
These initiatives seek to promote sustainability by encouraging companies to produce more compact formulations for detergents, thereby reducing the dosage for a standard washing machine. The projects also aim to raise awareness among consumers about the environmental benefit of using products that require lower dosing.
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Air Fresheners Product Stewardship Programme
This was launched by A.I.S.E. in 2007 to promote responsible manufacturing, communication and use of Air Fresheners.
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