Soaps, detergents and maintenance products are used every day by millions of consumers. They make it possible to keep our homes clean and hygienic. They remove stains and dirt from clothing and help us maintain our personal possessions in good condition. They ensure cleanliness in public spaces, which has a highly beneficial effect on health by combating the spread of germs. Last but not least, a clean and healthy environment provides a sense of well-being to all who live or work there.

Maintaining a level of cleanliness and hygiene necessary for healthy living, both inside and outside the home, demands regular attention and an understanding of good cleaning practices. The soaps, detergents and maintenance products industry offers a wide range of products which, when used in accordance with the usage and safety instructions on the labels, help get rid of dirt, combat germs and keep your belongings looking as good as new. This section provides details on:

- the different products that are featured on this site (and those to come)
- the average product composition .







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